Do you deliver?

Of course! Local delivery is free of charge for orders over £80.

Delivery further afield or for smaller orders is available at a cost of £1 per mile for the round trip.

Can I collect my order?

Absolutely. Cupcake Crumbs is a family run business operating from a residential address so visits are strictly by appointment.

Can I try some cake before I decide?

Absolutely! For weddings I provide a free of charge consultation service where you can try some cake and discuss designs for your centrepiece cake or cupcake display.

For other orders I am able to provide samples at a cost of £15, which is fully refundable from your order.

Sample flavours are chosen by me based on popularity, and will give a good indication of the quality of my cakes to allow you to make an informed choice from the full menu.

What’s your payment policy?

Please click here for the Terms & Conditions

Can you make gluten / dairy / egg / nut free cakes?

These and other allergens are all handled in the kitchen, but I can make cakes which do not have particular allergens included in the ingredients. Please ask for further information.

Where is the small print?

Please click here for the Terms & Conditions

Is your kitchen registered?

Absolutely. The kitchen has a 5* Food Hygiene Rating, and we are fully registered and insured so you can order from us with confidence.

Who or what is Cake It So?

Like all good things, this business has evolved. Cupcake Crumbs has been my business name for over a decade and it’s time for a change. My instagram account is being changed over to reflect the new name, and a new website and Facebook page have been set up with the new company name and branding. If you place an order with me, all things will remain the same except you’ll have a different sticker on the box and a business card reflecting the changes! If you want to check out the new site it can be found here: the facebook page is here: